What is the minimum rental term
We rent from one month for as long as the storage is needed

We ask for one months rent as a deposit with a minimum of a four weekly rental period.

Payment should be made by banks transfer or direct debit monthly.

We will except cash or cheques for the deposit.

What can I store?
Anything you like, as long as its not flammable or illegal!

Is there parking on site?
Yes, there is ample parking

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Payment Options
Payment can be made in advance by cash or monthly by direct debit.

What type of containers?
All containers are brand new, with adequate ventilation and have all been treated with the Grafo-Therm coating to control condensation.

Locks are provided and you will be given one key, we will hold the second key. A deposit of £20.00 is requested for the locks and will be returned at the end of your rental period once the key is returned.

Animals and Children
Customers are reminded that this is a working farm and as such we operate large items of machinery. If you need to bring your dog with you then we ask that it is kept on a lead. Children are welcome but must be supervised at all times and are not allowed anywhere other then the storage area.